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Meaning of lirones by Felipe Lorenzo del Río

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Felipe Lorenzo del Río


Rodents esciuromorfos, also fronted called, ( glis glis ) whose scientific nomenclature has had some difficulties, including the family of the gliridos in 1998, similar to a mouse but with squirrel tail. Why are called esciuromorfos, from the Greek skias skiados, sunshade, oura ouras, cola and morphe morfes, form. They Hibernate for seven months and that is why we have the saying: sleep like a Dormouse, i.e., sleep like a log, loose sleep, sleep very deeply. Dormouse is the augmentative of old Castilian lir and East of the vulgar latin lirem, glirem, accusative of glis gliris Apheresis, name with which the classical Latin knew this animal.


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