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Meaning of antioqueño by V.M. Hjor Ku Xoans

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V.M. Hjor Ku Xoans


Antioqueno-a: person natural of 40 Antioquia;Colombia ). A person who eats the flesh of the pig. Natives of the region of Antioch [at Turkish language: Seleucus], in Syria. Warrior of the Syrian army belonging to the Seleucid dynasty, whose King Antioco, offered Israelis instead of lamb, pork to torture them psychologically. Paisa; native of the Valley of Aburrá, in Colombia. Mestizo native of Antioquia (41 Colombia; descendant of white woman European and Amerindian father or vice versa, which were constituted as a lineage or social caste at the end and after the colony, and in whose food menu included basically the consumption of the brown sugar, corn and pork.


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What is the meaning of antioqueño in the Spanish open dictionary

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