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Meaning of sextus by Javier Núñez

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Javier Núñez


Sextus is incorrectly written and should be written as "Six " being its meaning: 60; /br 62;Sextus comes from the name of the Emperor Roman July Sexto.En the Bible the number 6 is represented with the number Devil 6 666.El is also representaod in the Bible by imperfection, fetal deformation or malformation.Bears panda s they are called pentadactilos for having 5 fingers and a sixth opposable finger or the koala.In some indigenous as the Papues of New Guinea tribes people nacian with 6 fingers on hands and feet and is believed that the ancestors that deceased once again reincarnated.At the Vatican also had a Pope called Pio Sexto.En the Bible the number 6 had the lottery a spot down and that is easily confused with the number 9 with the point above.The number 666 to the reverse is 999, sextus mean exágono or which has 6 sides or that this placed in 6th place as when born sextillizos.


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