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Meaning of mirarse como hormonas by JOHN

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mirarse como hormonas

LOOKING AT ONESELF AS HORMONES It is not understood what is meant to say. Looking in the mirror and looking like a hormone? It doesn't sound rational. Perhaps it is about looking in the mirror naked or semi-naked and investigating each part of the body, as a useful therapy that helps overcome bulimia and, in addition, manages to reduce the levels in saliva of cortisol, a steroid hormone that is released in response to stress. Every day doctors' concern about women's corresponding unhappiness with their bodies increases. That is why researchers from the University of Granada compared two different techniques: the guided exhibition, in which the participants must remain observing their body in the mirror while describing it in a neutral and objective way (as if a painter had to make a portrait of him being absent from the room), compared to the pure exhibition, in which the participants also observe their bodies in the mirror but can express the feelings and thoughts that provokes them . As a treatment for 29 women with bulimia nervosa, both procedures gave positive results, but the second increased the patient's body satisfaction and reduced more cortisol production.


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What is the meaning of mirarse como hormonas in the Spanish open dictionary

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