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Meaning of peter pan by JOHN

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peter pan

PETER PAN Peter Pan is a fictional character created by Scottish writer James Matthew Barrie for a play premiered in London in 1904 called Peter Pan and Wendy. The protagonist stays in childhood, does not want to grow up and hates the world of adults. This led psychologists and psychiatrists to call Peter Pan Syndrome pathologies in which this type of behavior is noticeable. 2 . Walt Disney film, from 1953, based on the homonymous children's story, in which Wendy Darling (Wendy Querida) reads tells stories to her brothers to fall asleep about the adventures of Peter Pan, the boy who does not want to grow up, the fairy Tinker Bell (Tinker Bell) who takes them from London to Neverland, the pirate Captain Hook and the crocodile who ate a hand and wants to go for more. Disney produced a new version in 2003.


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