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Meaning of cracker by furoya

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Voice taken from the English, where it means "groundbreaker, breaker, cruncher". 1º_ Name with which it is known in the USA to the inhabitants "white southerners", which is usually an offensive name although in Georgia or Florida they do not interpret it that way. The origin is much discussed, it is attributed to the corn cracker ("split corn") that they eat in the region, to the "cracker whip" (which rested on the tip) that the slavers used, or even appears around a Shakespearean origin where it is used as "chatter". 2º_ It is the name given to a type of cookies that crunch when biting them, usually made unleavened. Although the etymology seems obvious, there is an anecdote about a bakery in Georgia (southern USA) that made those cookies with the name of 'crackers', for the above meaning. 3º_ Criminal with knowledge of hacker in computer science, who violates systems to destroy them or steal information, often for extortion purposes. See black hat, hack, cybercrime, cybercrime, cybercrime, cybercrime, cyber challenger, cyber thief. 4º_ I once found it as an irony to call a bad broker who ruined or financially bankrupted his clients, but I'm not sure it's commonly used; I'll comment just in case.


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