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Meaning of narciso by furoya

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1o_ Narcissus is a male name of Greek origin, 925; 945; 961; 954; 953; 963; 963; 959; 962; ( Narkissos ) derived from 957; 945; 961; 954; 959; 965; 957; ( narkoyn "numbness, numbness, numbness) . 2o_ In Greek mythology he was a very beautiful young man who despised the love of nymphs and ladies, until he saw his reflection in the water and, punished by Nemesis because of his vanity, fell in love with that image. His obsession with himself led him to death. 3o_ By the above, a 'narcissist' or 'narcissist' is someone engished from himself. 4o_ Narcissus is the vulgar name for the bulb plant of the genus Narcissus, in the family Amaryllidaceae, which is native to the European Mediterranean. Legend has it that he grew up where the character Narcissus shed his tears by not being able to embrace his reflection in the water.


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