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Meaning of sanitizar by Edín Cazares Vázquez

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Edín Cazares Vázquez


Remember that we should not continue to corrupt our linguistics any further when words invented by ignorant or uneducated from Spanish normative grammar are disseminated. "Sanitizar" with its verbal derivatives do not exist, because it is not a verb endorsed by the SAR, who governs the Spanish language. Sanitizar was taken by inculcts from the English "Sanitizer", which in Spanish means to disinfect. I confirm that it is an English word imported and deformed by ignorant of the language; Anyway, if we don't defend or defend our devalued Mexican peso, which sticks in the pockets of all Mexicans, less we will defend the Spaniard. . . that just hits the culture. I offer an apology for being a purist of language and advocate, hence, of Spanish and my Homeland. Sanitizing is not an anglicism. . Let's be patriots and not malchers officially! Just as the "gringos defend their currency ( dollar ) and language (English) ; so, and more, we defend our values, currency and grammar in general. Greetings and best wishes.


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What is the meaning of sanitizar in the Spanish open dictionary

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