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Meaning of midorexia by furoya

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Another atomic burrada, typical of someone very ignorant or who knows that his audience is even more gross than him; well, in this case she, because it seems to be the invention of a British journalist named Shane Watson and published it in The Daily Telegraph in London as "the tendency of mature people to behave as if they were younger". The supposed etymology brings it from middle English (mid, mid, middle age) Greek orexia ( 10060;" obsession" ) 57607; . Returning to the real world, mydorexia would be the tendency (it can be pathological) to eat nothing, also the same lack of appetite, perhaps feeding by serum. Obviously comes from Greek, 956; 951; 948; 949; 957; ( measure "none, quantity of zero") or 961; 949; 958; 953; 962; ( orexis "appetite" ) . Here in the neighborhood the invention of the Watson we say in other ways, such as "old man" or "giving the old". See also hemocism, childphobia, nomophobia.


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