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Meaning of obelisco by furoya

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1 ° _ Pillar, Landmark or marker, which is also used as a monument, although in this case it can be several meters high. 2 ° _ by its form of stake, it was common to call "obelisk" a kind of shish kebab or stick to nail the meat of the hunted animals and to cook them on the fire. 3 ° _ Graphic mark (), also called "Cristus Beach" because of its similarity with the Latin cross, or "dagger" by the resemblance to a knife with hilt. In all cases it reaches the Spanish of Latin obeliscus, which takes it from the Greek 959; 946; 949; 955; 953; 963; 954; 959; 962; , diminutive of 959; 946; 949; 955; 959; 962; (Obelós signal, marker); Probably taken from the Egyptian, where they used pyramidal monoliths (obeloí) carved with information on a place or a person.


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