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1. f. name of the letter d.


(Del lat. de).

1. prep. Denotes ownership or membership. The House of my father. The patience of Job.

2. prep. U to create several adverbial phrases mode. Had lunch walk. He was stabbed.

Dresses of lent. I know him from view.

3. prep. Denotes where is, comes, or leave someone or something. The stone is of Colmenar. I come from Aranjuez. Does not leave home.

4. prep. It denotes the material of which something is done. The vase of silver. The dress of silk.

5. prep. U to bring content into something. A glass of water. A dish of roast.

6. prep. Denoting subject or field. This book is the last war. A class of mathematics. They talked about the wedding.

7. prep. It denotes the cause or source of something.

Died of smallpox. Fever of the hay.

8. prep. U to express the nature, condition or quality of someone or something. Man of value. Bowels of fiera.

9. prep. U to determine or fix the application of a label name to more liveliness. The month of November. The city of Seville.

10. prep. from (? with idea of point in space or time). From Madrid to Toledo. Open from nine to one.

11. prep. U preceded by noun, adjective or adverb, and followed by infinitive. Is an hour's walk. Tired of working. Far from thinking.

12. prep. U followed by infinitive with conditional value. Know earlier, would have been.

13. prep. U preceded by a verb to form verbal periphrasis. Stopped studying. Has just arrived.

14. prep. U with certain names to determine the time in which something happens. From early morning. Of tomorrow. Of night. Of old. Of child.

15. prep. U to reinforce an adjective. El bueno de Pedro. The rogue of the waiter. The stealth of the Patron Saint.

16. prep. U as incoherent. It follows. What is INF


17. prep. U with partitive value. Give me a little bit of water.

18. prep. It denotes the speedy implementation of something. De UN drink drank tea. De UN leap was in the street. End of A vez.

19. prep. Or between different parts of the prayer with expressions of pity, claim or threat. My brother poor! Woe to the vanquished!

20. prep. U for the creation of prepositivas phrases from adverbs, names, etc. before of. In respect of. Around. A difference of.

21. prep. U also combined with other prepositions. Of three. Of a Board. From by Yes. By soon. After Yes.

22. prep. U in certain constructions with the passive agent. Accompanied by his friends. Left in the hands of Dios. Is overwhelmed of debts.

23. prep. U to the end of the comparison. 'Ve eaten more than it due. Is worse than I thought. Now written more than twenty articles a year.

24. prep. with (? with idea of half way or tool to do something). He did attempt.

25. prep.

for. Hat sleeping. Clothes for sport.

26. prep. by. I did it in fear.

27. prep. Ant. a2.

de you to me, de you to me, etc.

1. locs. income. coloqs. Between the two, or between the two.


(Del lat. de-).

1. prefs. Indicates ' address above down '. Dependence, decay.

2. prefs. Dissociation or separation points out. Define, define.

3. prefs. Indicate origin or provenance. Derive, deduce.

4. pref. Denotes deprivation or investment of the simple meaning. Bleach, insane, defoliation, warp.

5. pref. Sometimes reinforce the meaning of the word primitive. Declare, call, showin'.

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