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Meaning of davida

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


Name given to an asteroid, in honor of Dr. David Peck Todd, who was Professor of Astronomy at Amherst College, in Amherst, Massachusetts (Hampshire County). Brand of helmets for motorcyclists. Name of a Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic in Alcobendas (Madrid).


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DAVIDA: Asteroid number 511, of the series.


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Jimeno Álvarez

Davida - High quality, luxury Open Face Motorcycle Helmets made in England, United UnidoEn Davida we have been defining quality in our own way since more than thirty years ago. It has been a genuine and relentless search rewarded by a reputation worldwide for the quieter, more comfortable, and well made open-face motorcycle helmets available.


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Jimeno Álvarez

Davida is born in the year 1998 as a clinic within the medical specialty of rehabilitation, we began our journey with this clear vocation: the rehabilitation of people with physical and neurological lesions or pathologies.


What is the meaning of davida in the Spanish open dictionary

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