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Meaning of corte

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It means mowing, taking advantage of a plant, especially grass or cereal using a mower or a sickle. Set of judges or magistrates. Cut action or effect. Inflection of cutting which means mowing, sectioning. Pit, incision, cut, wound, fissure, section, sample. It can also mean phylum, blade, blade or entourage, entourage, courtship. In Colombia, roll of fabric.


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John Rene Plaut

CORTE spanish for CUT, like in hair cut, corte de pelo, spences cut, reducción o corte de gastos. Ser cortado: Action of being fired. Corte de energía eléctrica. Light cut.
Synonyms of corte are  división

"Se cortó la leche. The milk is cut se anunció el corte de 100 trabajadores. 100 workers will be fired."


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1.-cutting: in Salamanca, cochiquera for pigs in the blocks of houses.
2.-cut: in Chile, service or small diligence entrusted to someone and for which a payment is given.
3.-cutting: in America, mowing.
4.-cutting: in architecture, a building section.
5.-cutting: surface forming each of the edges or edges of a book.
6.-cutting: reserved part of the ticketing of a theatre, especially in the days of release, for invitations.
7.-cut: required amount of fabric or leather and enough to make an article of dress or wear.


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Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada



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cecilia sosa

Action and outcome of cut.


What is the meaning of corte in the Spanish open dictionary

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