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Meaning of compra cachaña

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Jimeno Álvarez

compra cachaña

Cachaña is the official ball of the 2015 Copa America manufactured by the company Nike, the ball that already all dream and who will get to shoot the tournament more important in South America next year.


Jimeno Álvarez Image
Jimeno Álvarez

Chile presented to "Cachaña " the ball official America's Cup 2015Arturo Vidal was the great guest at the presentation of the ball for the continental tournament next year. Among Chileans, the name makes reference to a gambetaLa Cup America Chile 2015 as beats in the Andean country and "Cachaña " He became the girl spoiled after his presentation on Sunday at the National Stadium in Santiago, the most important venue for the competition.The Local Organizing Committee, members of the ANFP and Arturo Vidal footballer carried out the ceremony and discovered the balloon in the eyes of the world. "Cachaña " It is the sports brand Nike and stands out for its vivid red, blue and black in tune with the organising country. "Patriotic colors are embedded in the ball and it has the latest technology " said Rene Rozas, executive director of the Chilean football association.


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