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José Carlos Villaro Gumpert

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a mansarba

The correct expression is "a mansalva". The DRAE defines it as "without any danger, over safe", but in popular use, at least in Spain, it is given the meaning of "full hands", "in large quantities", "a raudales".

hocico o boca de un animal

The same expression says: the "snout" is the "mouth of an animal", although in reality its meaning also includes the nose.

de pecotilla

The right expression is "trashy", and it means something is "poor quality."

de buenas a primaria

The correct expression is "good to first", and means "suddenly", "without notice"


It is an English word whose literal translation is, but in Spanish it is usually translated simply by cursed with objects or people.


It's an English word, meaning "yeast."


It is the plural of "honor", a term that has different meanings. The main one is the moral quality of a person, and the good reputation consequently. In plural the expression "with honors" is used to indicate a certain distinction or merit is also said "to do the honors" to mean "to attend the host to the guests"


It is a French word meaning "adolescent", "youngster".


It's English term, and it means "ears."


I have the impression that it is the word "boom", with the "G" aspirated as "H". "Auge" means "growth", "exaltation", depending on the context.


Clearly, it is misspelled and is "bacteria", plural of the noun "bacterium", which refers to a type of single-celled microorganism.


It lacks the tilde in the "E": Hear. It is the second person of the plural of the future imperfect indicative of the verb "to hear"

dar la talla

It's an expression that means "to be up to par",


It's a reflective verb that means "push forward."

no pedir

This query seems to joke: "Not asking" is just the opposite of "asking".


"Slime" (pronounced "slaim") is an English noun that means "slime", "silt", "fine clay". As an adjective, in the United States it is used to mean "bad person", "scoundrel".

estructura de una novela

"Structure of a novel" is an expression that introduces what it means: How a novel is structured. Traditionally the structure of a novel is divided into three parts: approach, knot and outcome.

contacto térmico

"Heat Contact" indicates that someone or something seeks to come into contact with something else or person from the point of view of the temperature.


"Proclaim" is a verbal time: the second person of the plural of the verb "proclaim".

buscar el significado de dislexico

Person who suffers a consistent pathology that has difficulty understanding what you read


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