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Ricardo Forno

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wine tourism : Adjective that can be applied to trips, holidays or tours in areas of a country where wine cellars are common (origin : oenology).


Scream, tremble, get upset

musica trova

Possibly a reference to the music of the middle ages who played and sang the troubadours

que es sargazo

Kelp is a type of algae that covers vast ocean areas


Exempt: Exempt misspelled. Is not bound to certain action or payment


Type of course, especially from languages, that the apprentice performs surrounded by people who know the subject

heuristica etimologia

It seems that two unrelated words joined. On the one hand, it is said that a form without scientific rigor to seek solutions to problems is heuristic. On the other hand, etymology is the investigation of the origin of a Word


Nestled securely in one place, whether in physical or figurative


Completed: passive participle of conclude: terminate, end. It has no accent.

bifactorial teoria

Bivariate Herzberger theory: a sociological theory.


cardiaslgia is incorrectly written, and should be written as "cardialgia" being its meaning:
Probably " cardialgia " misspelled: pain in the heart.


Probably " recursion of 34 premises;. 40 bases; 41 premises; a logical reasoning can refer to other premises. If any of these premises is the same premise, the reasoning is recursive.


habelitada is incorrectly written, and should be written as "enabled" being its meaning:
Probably " 34 enabled; badly written.


Neologism taken from English: " router " device that lets you send data to different destinations. It would then mean " send data to certain destinations " which settle the verb " route " ( another 41 neologism; from which is derived the participle adjective " 34 routeada;.

ejes dinamizadores

One of the many phrases " sanata ": join words in sentences devoid of meaning.


Heterosexual person who is nevertheless interested in other forms of sexuality, and even occasionally to practice them.


Network Equipment-Building System, a type of organization focusing on the safety of the products.

el jaressy

A person's own name little used. Prepending the particle " " suggests an Arabic origin.

la parca

The death, coming from Roman mythology.


Does not seem to have known meaning. It might be " hit " poorly written, the name of a company, a word of latin, etc.


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