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The correct word is chikuncunya with k and it is viral disease transmitted by the bite of a female mosquito infected in turn by an RNA virus of the genus alfavirus. Symptoms of this disease are fever or joint pain, as well as headache or rash. You don't have a specific vaccine.


It is an English term used to call natives or residents of the U.S. State of Oklahoma. It appears that the term is used derogatoryly or contains a negative connotation. Also, it's also a synonym for ok u okay


The members of the Concertación de Partidos por la Democracia born in Chile in 1990 are called a concertationist. It is a coalition of left-wing, center-left and center parties that ruled for 20 years until it entered the Chilean government right.


It comes from Latin and is the first plural user of the verb haber . Although Latin is deprecated, the truth is that habemus is a widely used Latinism today.


Neologism that refers to the person who believes in using technology to improve their bodies and quality of life by inserting for example microchips into their body.


Small towel. Diminutive of towel.


Neologism that comes from the word paparazzi. It refers to the action of doing the work of paparazzi or professional photographer who is dedicated to taking photos of committed celebrities, in places of difficult access.

pegar el freno

It is often said to brake and not stick the brake to refer to when we have to stop or stop performing an action.


It is a word that comes from the expression eyes as plates and that is used when something amazes us or leaves us very surprised.


A word by which the obsession with taking advantage of time is known. Today it seems that we live anxiously to have as profitable or productive days as possible, that is, to be doing something all the time. You can see the idea that living fast and stressed is something up to positive, while those who live less stressed and without occupying all their time doing activities are looked at with suspicion.


Winka sin g becomes a word used by mapuches or indigenous peoples of Southern Chile to refer to the foreigner or to whom he does not belong to his ethnicity.


Neologism to refer to the music fan of reggaeton or reggaeton. This style of music comes from Latin America and today, although it has many followers, it also has many detractors for the sexist component of its lyrics.

sharing car

It is the anglicanity with which the car-sharing movement is known. It comes from the English words share which means sharing and car meaning car. It consists of the temporary use of cars of their own or others, either all day or for a few hours. It is widely used to save costs among co-workers.


An Arabic term meaning disaster or catastrophe, which refers precisely to the human disaster that resulted in the Palestinian exodus at the time of the creation of the State of Israel. More than 700. 000 Palestinians had to flee the lands where they had been living historically on the occasion of the Jewish invasion. The date or day of the nakba was May 15, 1948 and that is why every May 15th such a sad catastrophe is commemorated.

look twinning

Anglilicism that refers to the current fashion of dressing in the same, similar or matching colors with another person, preferably a friendship. Now it has become fashionable to dress with the same garments or in colors that will be matched banishing that fashion that copying or matching wearing the same garment as your cousin or friend was the worst in the world. The omelette has been turned around in that respect and now it is precisely accepted and accepted and it is even fun to dress like twins ( twin) or with styles and colors to match with someone else.


Scientific advances have allowed people with reduced mobility for disabilities or amputations to perform movements that they previously could not perform with the installation of neuroprostheses or chips in the brain.


Tell yourself about that or the person who is not quite the opposite of being sexist. It is the person, acting or issue of any kind that defends and promotes equality between men and women, who is sensitive and acts against gender-based and sexist violence.


Gentile that refers to the person who is Venezuelan with Spanish ancestry by one of the parents.


It would have to be written separately, i.e. former player. The ex prefix refers to the fact that it has ceased to be or to do something, therefore, ex player comes to mean having ceased to be a player of any type of game.


The correct word and accepted by the SAR is bowl and means container, bowl or bowl that is used to take a soup, broths, milk or any liquid product or that carries liquids such as cereals with milk.


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