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I found this meaning in the network. I hope this link is correct and clarify things. http: //www. meaning. org / so used it the ho2. htm


Completion " 34 ISM; written at the end of some words given to understand that you it's a quality, ideology or movement ( as opportunism, self-interest, modernism, etc 41. Therefore, noticismo is the quality, taste or penchant for news.


The suffix " 34 ista; written at the end of some words implies that it refers to a profession, activity or ideology ( as dentist, hiker, Communist, etc 41. Thus the word todista refers to someone who does everything.


It is likely that this is an error. If the searched Word is CONSAGRANTE ( without intermediate n ) then its meaning would be: which enshrines, the person who executes the action of consecrate.


Apparently it's two words United and written improperly. If the query words are " 34 trigarante army; then its meaning is the name of an existing in 1820-1821 military body that was led by Agustín de Iturbide during the independence of Mexico.


There is on the market a drug called C´ensil which serves to treat melasma ( 41 skin pigmentation; Censilizar probably relates to the fact apply or be treated with this product.


Homo is also a word of Latin origin meaning man, human.


Homo and vice are two prefixes independent one from the other. Homo is of Greek origin and means the same, same. In Exchange, vice is of Latin origin, and its meaning is rather than, instead of, in lieu of.


itxea is incorrectly written, and should be written as "Club" being its meaning:
It is a word of Basque origin whose meaning is, but it is poorly written.


It is a word of Portuguese origin, or rather, Brazilian. It refers to a name whose meaning is unknown, therefore, must be written with capital letter I.


Inkar is a woman of origin name Kazakh securing means desire, passion. Debla is a song of Andalusian origin sad and melancholic, with four verses.


Self-reliance is the responsibility of one's own, which impels us to act without that someone tell us what to do. The prefix auto written at the beginning of some words mean own, if same, himself...


Is likely that is concerned of an abbreviation in English of the word Latinamerica or latinamerican. The habit of shortening words is characteristic of this language.


It seems to be a word in English, but does not appear in the English-Spanish dictionary. You quote the context in which this word is to try to deduce the meaning?


In German, the word quot; stillen quot; It means, among other things, soothe, alleviate, appease. When it combines with the second person singular is said so: quot; du stillest quot;(tu calmas). Not be if that is of any use.

que sicnifica la palabra zumbante

The verb to tinkle: a continuous, harsh and rough sound. Reportedly encouraged or discouraged medium which produces a buzz. Example: bumblebees are buzzing insects.

trabajadora sexual

Sex worker is as it is currently called prostitutes or prostitutes. Also referred to as sexoservidoras.


He huizache or huizachera is a tree of branches thorny and crust thin with pods long of color purple dark of which is extracted a substance used to make ink black.


In English, bills may be the plural of bile that means bile in Spanish. Bile is a liquid that helps digestion and is secreted by the liver and stored in the gallbladder.

que significa fracc

The word fracc. (written with a dot at the end), may be the abbreviation of fractionation or fraction.


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