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Concha Utrillas.

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poner a funcionar

Put to work : Make at a certain time a person, animal or thing, perform the functions and works that are typical of their nature, their occupation, mission or task.


Camareta : Boat or ship room of smaller dimensions than the main chamber. On ships there are toilets for various uses such as multi-berth accommodation, meeting and entertainment, etc.

tirar para adelante

Pull forward : It is not to stop despite obstacles, difficulties, not to stay behind, not to stand still or paralyzed by problems.

enarcar las cejas

Blaming the eyebrows : It is to arch the eyebrows, raise them to the forehead as in attitude of amazement or surprise.

conocimiento empírico

Empirical knowledge : It is one that comes from the observation of the facts and the experience gained through the external senses and consciousness. and it's not based on scientific experimentation. It is the one obtained by practice, by custom.

nos han de oír nos oirán los sordos

The correct expression is "they will hear us to the deaf" and it is said to indicate that something rough, hidden or important is going to be told to the four winds, to anyone who wants to hear it, that everyone will know.

suberse el pavo

Raise the turkey: The correct expression is to raise the turkey: It is to leave the colors to become the cheeks naturally for a moment of trouble, of shame, of excitement, of effort.

me pasé

I passed: He says he was not right, fair, just or impartial in making a comment or making a determination that harms someone.

me pasé

I passed: He says he was not right, fair, just or impartial in making a comment or making a determination that harms someone.

chica o chico

Girl or boy: She expresses herself with question, girl or boy? , is the same as girl or child?. It is a question that is summarized to the pregnant woman to ask what is the sex of the baby waiting, and also used with pet owners to ask what is the sex of your animal and address him correctly.

ser de cajón

Being of cajon: to be something obvious, patent, undisputed, evident, to be something clear and not need explanation or clarification.

sota, caballo y rey

Sota, Horse and King: they are three figures of the Spanish deck, but the expression does not refer to the deck but it expresses figuratively that a matter or circumstance that is repeated frequently does so always in the same way, without variation, and that it is very limited and repetitive.


Jolines! : It is an expression that does not have a specific meaning and indicates annoyance, nuisance, can, annoyance. Discomfort, also astonishment, surprise admiration, bewilderment etc. Depending on the circumstance of the matter to which it refers.

que carece de toda lógica

That lacks any logic: it is said of the actions or words that express something absurd, meaningless, incredible, irrational.

vivir con holgura

Living with slack: it is living with economic wellbeing, without spending needs for lack of money, living without narrowness or hardship even if it is not rich.


Bugs: Used to refer to animals of any kind such as insects, worms, snakes, frogs, etc. , and also in a figurative manner to people who are insidious, malicious, harmful, evil.

permanecer mudo

To remain silent: it is not to speak or to intervene in a conversation, it is to be quiet, not to say anything or to comment on the subject of which one speaks.

agua posada

Water Inn: It is the water that in a container is allowed to rest, to be still, so that little by little the products that are dissolved in it are held in the bottom and the water is transparent after a while.

rascarse bolsillo

Scratching your pocket: is making a payment, a disbursement of money that was not planned to be made.

ser chistoso

Be funny: It is said that it is talkative, sympathetic and always has a joke or anecdote on hand that illustrates and gracefully explains the issue that is being talked about.


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