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GUMIVORE that eats gum. However, I think this is a mistake by FUMÍVORO


AURÍVORO de aurum, 'oro' y voro, 'conedor'; stingy, greedy person.



escoria de acero

STEEL SLAG residual material or waste resulting from steel production


ANTI-PRIVILEGES against advantages or rights (given to one over the other)


EPISTEMIOLOGY Fil . Science that studies the principles, foundations, extension, and methods of human knowledge


Quigüicha castellanization of KIWICHA, Amaranthus caudatus/C], commonly called amaranth, in Peru and Bolivia, quihuicha, or turkey mucus? in Spain, it is a plant of the fast-growing amaranthaceae family, with purple, red and golden leaves, stems and flowers.

construcción ciudadana

Citizen construction Education of minors for when they acquire citizenship, involves learning the rights and duties of citizens, respect for democratic values and human rights, as well as the importance of equality, solidarity, tolerance, collaboration and participation in a democratic society, and social justice.

ir guapo

GO HANDSOME be very well dressed and well presented.

ave de mal agüero

AVE DE MAL AGÜERO in ancient times the doomsayers predicted the future in various ways, by the cards, the hands, the erase of coffee, the flight of the birds, which indicated whether they would win or lose the next battle. The augurs were the priests who made the omens. Inauguratus is 'consecrated by the omens' From augur other terms emerged such as augurio (with the same meaning as omen: omen, announcement), auspicious, inauguration, doomsayer or the name Augustus (blessed by the augurs)


ADVISOR anglicism by ADVISOR COUNSELOR usually a technician, specialist in finance and investments or a politician

creatividad en preescolar

CFEATIVITY IN PRESCHOOL Ability to develop original ideas in children under 5 years old. It is essential to stimulate unfettered inventiveness in order to develop intelligence at most.


INVERBIO see CRB INVERBÍO inverbio is nothing, but a mistake for taking part in the name of a company, as a bot would do and not a human being.


INVERBIO see CRB INVERBÍO inverbio is nothing, but a mistake for taking part in the name of a company, as a bot would do and not a human being.


HYPERENDEMIA ENDEMIA in which the percentage of the affected population is in the range of 50% to 75%


INVERBIO see CRB INVERBÍO inverbio is nothing, but a mistake for taking part in the name of a company, as a bot would do and not a human being.

crb inverbío

CRB INVERBÍO Cross Road Biotech Inversiones Biotecnológicas is an independent private equity manager ("venture capital") that invests in innovative technology-based companies in the early phase in the field of biosciences, especially in the area of diagnostics, biomedicine and medical technologies. The target investments propose innovative solutions to medical needs in a cost-effective manner and are geared towards global markets with high volumes and high growth rates. CRB Inverbío participates in the development of the companies in which it invests, supporting the teams in the management and strategic direction until the divestment process Some synonyms, words or similar expressions can be cross road biotech

inflexión de voz

VOICE INFLECTION Elevation or attenuation that is done with the voice, breaking it or passing from one tone to another. I met Carmen Seeger who never made an inflection, something very rare. 40 years after her early death I met a lady who, very curiously, did not inflate either. I reminded her of my friend. and explains, "She was my sister. We inherited it from our mother."


DOBLAO is a FOLDING SYNCOPATION: typical of Andalusia and southern Spain


SYNCOPATION extraction of one or more characters within a word


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