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no brillar

DO NOT SHINE fade, antonym of BRILLAR2 . that does not emit or reflect light 3 . Djguradamente , do not stand out


DELAPIDAR of the Italian delapidare, embezzlement, embezzlement of funds'. Not to be confused with DILAPIDAR, splurge, waste

menta puperita



IBEROAMERICA Territories made up of America and the Iberian Peninsula


CATHERINE Woman's name , . equivalent to Catarina in Spanish. It derives from the Greek ???????? ( katharos = "pure" ) . I consider it one of the most beautiful names that exist 2 . Horror video game, ? logic? and adventure? developed and distributed by Atlus for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


POLOCHE usaso in Rep . Dominican: Derived from POLO by the shirt worn by polo players, which, in turn, was romaron from the Tibetan pholo, which means ball. Elnpiloche is a knitted garment, short sleeve, which reaches the waist and has a collar and front top buttoned with one, two and up to 3 buttons


SANCHIN is a body conditioning and hardening kata. It is considered a kata for beginners for its fundamental essence. This is the dichotomy of Sanchin Kata. It is one of the easiest kata to imitate for its limited number of movements and monotonous appearance.


CHARACTERISTICS commonly used in the plural; inherent properties (to something or someone) that distinguish it from others (of its species, family or other parentage)

liberación recíproca

RECIPROCAL RELEASE prisoner exchange between two countries

pacú chico

PACÚ CHICO Myleus pacu The South American freshwater fish of the caracid family, subfamily Serrasalminae. It is of tropical habitat, mainly the Amazonian rivers, preferring waters between 22 and 28 °C. Its shape is ovoid. The pacu is omnivorous, but its main food is the fruits and berries that fall from coastal trees. Despite navigating the bottom, its food does not come from there.

la cresta de la lumbre


piedra de alumbre

ALUM STONE Allows the skin to perspire and does not damage it. Alum stone is an excellent natural deodorant, Its antiseptic, astringent and antiperspirant properties create a film that eliminates microorganisms, maintains the dryness of the skin and prevents sweating and bad smell. In fact, this is one of its main uses and, also, the most famous. It is also able to heal wounds and irritations, and is also a great ally against insect bites. Alum is a type of double sulfate composed of sulfate from a trivalent metal, such as aluminum, and another from a monovalent metal. Generally refers to potassium alum, whose formula is KAl (SO?) ? . 12H? Or


ASCLEPIA Asclepias syriaca The thlalayotl {in Mexico, species of perennial plants, dicotyledons, of the family of apocinaceae. Generally its flowers take a form of hemispherical display. It was one of the first North American species described by Cornut in 1635, in Canadensium plantarum historia. It is commonly known as milkweed It is an indispensable plant for the life cycle of the monarch, as it is the only source of food for caterpillars. The survival of the butterfly depends on the availability of this host plant.


CONDYLOMA Condyloma acuminata Small bump on the genitals caused by a common sexually transmitted infection. Genital warts are a common sexually transmitted disease caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

tu me bateaste

TU ME BATEASTE literally means that you gave me a baseball bat, but in its colloquial and figurative form it means that they gave him pumpkins, or, as we say in Chile, that he kicked him, that is to say that he ended the relationship unilaterally.


MONOTUNIA Uniformity of tone or intonation . Talk without showing any joy or enthusiasm or discomfort, regret or annoyance2 . Lack of variety, which produces boredom or tiredness.


MOTORBOAT Small boat equipped with engine.


Multithreading In computing: Mode of operation of a computer's CPU, in which it can execute totally independent task codes by returning one code and then another. Since the channels and read from memory or fixed disks is lower than the electronic processing speed, the CPU is capable of processing multiple applications "simultaneously" without clutter. Moreover, to feed it more quickly you have cache memories, which store the most frequently required codes in a repetitive way, as could be a routine of "written amount" in a process of issuing payment checks. There is a second form of multithreading and it is when the computer has several processors or CPUs, which are powered simultaneously. This allows for enormous processing speed, as might be required in case of manipulating big data or in cases of double or triple redundancy required, such as in the launch of a manned rocket or a space telescope.


XA from the Greek Chrysí Avgí xuyas acronym in Greek are XA, the Far Right Greek party. It means Golden Dawn In brands there are various XA models, such as the Toyota Scion XA, the CD-ROM XA and others

economía naranja

ORANGE ECONOMY development model in which cultural diversity and creativity are pillars of social and economic transformation of the country, from the regions. This model has tools for cultural, social and economic development.


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