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a pedales

Expression used to refer to a machine (especially of computer type) that works very slowly


Derogatory way to call the followers of Vladimir Putin, president of Russia

tocarse la seta

Do the lazy, laze


Legal tender in Ukraine


Amerindian, indigenous to America. This word is used in connection with Western films, in which Indians attack white settlers with arrows.


Word used to refer to the political regime in force in Venezuela (very authoritarian and repressive), led by Nicolás Maduro

países bajos

Currently this name is applied to Holland, officially called "Kingdom of the Netherlands". But the historical concept of the Netherlands, which comes from the time of Charles V, also includes Belgium and Luxembourg and is due to the fact that these territories are practically at sea level. The present Benelux therefore corresponds to the historical Netherlands.


Excessive power of large companies


Word from the English "stagflation", which alludes to a mixture of stagnation of the economy and high inflation


Leader of an oil-rich country, especially the monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula


Collapse of a historical political party that has exercised power, in allusion to PASOK (Greek Socialist Party), which went from governing with an absolute majority to having a marginal role.


Very powerful plug (in the sense of influence or position obtained through it)


Set of despicable or disgusting people


Supporter or follower of Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine


Native to Limburg, historical region of the Netherlands (there is currently a belgian and a Dutch province bordering that bear that name). It is also the name of a dialect spoken in that area.


Individual who wears a mask all the time (even at home or when driving alone), believes that others should also do so and, otherwise, are irresponsible who contribute to the spread of the virus. It is very similar to bozalerdo.


The most common meaning of gabacho is French. In Mexico it is also used to refer to Americans (it is synonymous with gringo).


Intelligence agency of the Soviet Union from 1954 until its fall in 1991. Its letters are the initials of Komitet gosudárstvennoy bezopásnosti (Committee for State Security).


Idea or own action of magufos


Ukrainian who defends or sympathizes with Nazi ideology


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