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Henry Medina Valderrama

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fiate de jehova detodo corazon y no te apoyes en tu propia prudensia

It means that you trust the Lord fully, with a great faith from your heart, and do not lean on what you know and have heard, because the human mind in the spiritual is wrong.


It is the protection that one gives oneself.


It is to be conscious for oneself, and not because another tells you so. Some synonyms, words or similar expressions may be I am aware, I recognize ,


Who goes or exercises above, or beyond a ministry, position or responsibility.


That in essence does not have the category or nature of Olympic .


A woman who served as a secretary and is no longer a secretary. Some synonyms, words or similar expressions may be ex-official, ex-helper, former collaborator

fanatismo religioso

Delicate situation of extreme and blind belief in certain theological or religious knowledge, they believe they are the sole owners of the truth.


Aversion to fatty foods, in order to avoid cholesterol pathologies


Compendium or collection of various marks, in marketing may be trademarks, or in a body traces or records recorded by fricks or blows denoting accident or violence


It is made or perceived through a satellite, in communications at the spatial level, and in the industrial field, modality of helpers or maquilas in the production of a product in series.


It generally refers to elements of the State arranged for the use and service of citizenship without exception. It also relates to different kinds of people from different regions or states.

es el punto fuerte del equipo

It is generally said of the star athlete who has the best response for the final results of a sports team in any discipline


It relates to opponents in a contest, or members of the other side or team, whether sportingly, politically or militarily.

bajo el paraguas

That said it means protection, or under the same protection or roof.


Before developing or manifesting a virtue or possibility. In time issues, before a result occurs, in systems or technology, before the expected service occurs.

doble nacionalidad

To have recognition as a citizen of two countries, the native and a second State, either for reasons of family kinship or at the request of the interested party, subject to regulatory compliance of the second Country.


Diversity of lexicon and terminologies, usually there is the original of the language being spoken, and there are others of regional or colloquial order, created by the popular or street vulgo.


It refers to large perforations in a roof, which allows the passage of water or snow, depending on the state of time. Drip the water into a covered area.


Said typical of the Soviet people to identify the co-users and sympathizers of the revolutionary thought of the time.

mono exportado

How to identify the export of a single product, verbigracia the industry and the marketing of coffee.


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