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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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Material with which safety gloves are made. It's the tanned and soft beef leather.


In Colombia it is the same as vahyde, dizziness, soponcio, fainting. Momentary loss of consciousness.


In Mexico, Venezuela and various parts of the Caribbean is a type of indigenous dance. Very traditional and popular song. In Venezuela it can mean silver currency. In Spain it is a type of bun or stuffed kneade. Also in Spain can be slippers. In Colombia it is a kind of tape or elastic with which the hair is collected. In Peru it means false or impostor.


It can mean bag, sac, blister, bubble, inflammation, swelling, bamboo. It is also a bag in which urine accumulates. Organ in which urine accumulates, before being evacuated.


It is a popular Italian musical genre. Music and songs performed by the gondoliers of Venice. Sailor song that mimics the sound of oars in the water. In his piano performances he requires a lot of dexterity in his left hand.


Cloth doll that is artistically handled by wires. Person who lets himself be manipulated easily. Polychinelle, puppet, doll, pelele, monigot, tipejo.


Epidemic of bad information. Wrong data that is broadcast by social networks and that causes a lot of evil. Economic condition caused by the spread of erroneous or panicked news.


Agreement or pact between several to harm another. Conspiracy, machination, confabulation, intrigue, plot, maneuver, betrayal.


Pseudonym of Argentine cartoonist and graphic comedian Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón : He is the author of the comic strip Mafalda. The name of the tree whose bark the kine is removed. Its scientific name is Cinchona pubescens and belongs to the Rubiaceae family. He has also been on behalf of two Spanish basketball players (Quino Salvo and Quino Colom) and the nickname of two footballers of equal nationality (Francisco Cabrera and Joaquín Sierra). Quino is used as an apocope of the male name Joaquin.


In Ecuador it means hit with the hand closed, punch, smack, horn, slap, punch. Inflection to quiñar, which has the same meaning.


In Colombia it means beating, beating, tunda. Barrage of blows given to a person. Very bulky scorer in football.


You mean without any intention. That it was not intended to do so. That there was no premeditation and it was involuntary.


In Colombia and colloquially, it means touching a topic in a superficial, summary way. Enunciate something without delving into it. Synthesis, extract .


It was a movement organized by English artisans between 1811 and 1816, which protested the use of machines, which in their opinion would end their jobs.


In Colombia it is a brand of cigarettes. In Estonian language, it means school. Kool in Dutch means cabbage, cabbage. Cool, so with c, in Spanish means genuine, transparent, authentic, person who thinks and acts with consistency.


It is one of the common names that a tropical tree and its fruit receive. It is also called mangostine, mangosteen or indian jobo. Its scientific name is Garcinia mangostana and belongs to the family Clusiaceae.


In Portuguese it means I can, the same as in Galician and Italian. In Catalan it means to put, place, pose. In Colombia it is a surname of Italian origin.


The correct term is retronimo, with tilde. It means outdated or old-fashioned term, which was modified. Term that must be supplemented to clarify it. It usually requires a complement to be accurate the definition that is intended, since it is considered that by modernity has been modified. A classic example is guitar : before the invention of the electric guitar it was not necessary to specify the type of guitar, that is why today to refer to a common or classical guitar, we must use as a retronimo : acoustic guitar, to be able to differentiate .


It was the name of the largest airline that existed in Brazil. It is currently part of LATAM, since it joined LAN Chile.


It is the name of a US television channel, subscription news. It stands for Cable News Network.


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