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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It means he's a leader or he excels at sea. Thalassa was the goddess of the sea in the mythology of Ancient Greece. It is the name of a genus of birds that belongs to the family Diomedeidae and are known as albatross.


He was a genius of evil, who was dedicated to destroying everything man did or making him sick so he couldn't work. It is also called huecuvu a valley where harmful plants and weeds proliferate, which usually sicken livestock and especially horses. They call the disease a nocu. It is part of the myths and legends of Chile. .


It is a Word of Mapuche origin meaning child, infant. This word is used in rural Chile, especially among peasants.


Agama is the name of a genus of African Saurópsids in the family Agamidae. They are lizards of squamous bodies and known as fire lizards. They have very sturdy legs.


That is followed by a star or with a star in the tail. It was a genus of mammals similar to today's armadillos. They were called Gliptodonts and belonged to the Glyptodontinae family.


It means star beast or lightning beast. It was the name of a small, hippo-pot-like mammal.


HUD is an abbreviation and a computer term meaning Head-Up Display. This translates Display or read head up, it is the same as status bar. It is used in video games to keep the player informed about the development of their game (score, lives, new resources, etc.).


It means fear, fear, slackness, cowardice. Inability or refusal to act in the face of a challenge, risk or danger.


It means empty inside. Regarding the voice, it is deep and rumbling. It can also mean vain, smug, frivolous.


It means soft tail (terenos-soft, oura : tail ) . It is a genus of birdiness in the family Thamnophilidae. They are known as battalions, tinglings, eyes of fire or tiluchíes.


It means delicate, fine, slender. It is a genus of small birds belonging to the family Terestitridae. They are endemic to Cuba and are known as chillinas, birijitas, chinchillitas, pecheros, reinitas, chipes.


It means short-legged. It is the name of a genus of lizards in the family Scincidae. They are known as sand swimmers, corners or slycans. They are found in Southeast Asia.


It means small crest. It is a genus of reptiles in the family Iguanidae. They are found in Oceania.


You mean friend of the bushes. It is a genus of birds belonging to the family Thamnophilidae. They are known as anthills, tilichí, fire eyes.


It means passionate about bushes. It is a genus of birds in the family Thamnophilidae. They are known as anthills, huts, batars, parrots.


Name of a Kenyan County. Previously it belonged to the Rift Valley Province.


The correct term is niflheim, with m at the end. It means home of fog. Among the Norse was the kingdom of darkness and darkness. Kingdom of the gloom.


In Norse or Scandinavian mythology, it is the name of the dragon that inhabits the realm of darkness or Niflheim.


It means shield-building. It is a genus of constrictor snakes in the family Pythonidae. They are found in Australia.


In computing it is short for Advanced Interactive eXecutive and is an IBM-owned Operating System. In Greek mythology it was a goat of the Amaltea Nymph or Amaltea herself, who supplied Zeus with milk to survive in Crete during his childhood.


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