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Meaning of colector

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collector, ra.

(Of thelat.)(collector, - oris).

1. adj. It picks up.

2. adj. fundraiser.

3. m. and f. collector.

4. m. and f. person who gathers for its study and knowledge, documents, texts, objects, etc.

5. m. In churches, ecclesiastical charge is to receive the alms of the masses to be distributed among which the has

n to hold.

6. m. pipe or channel which collects all the water from a drainage or irrigation leftovers.

7. m. underground through which sewage poured its waters.

8. m. Electr. Ring of copper which apply the brush to communicate the inductee to the external circuit.

collector of espolios.

1. m. man responsible for pick up of the goods left the bishops, those which belonged to them by reason of their dignity, for use in handouts and Waqf.

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