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Meaning of cohoba

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Name of a ritual of the Arahuaca or Taína culture, to invoke or consult a spirit ( Cemi ). Inhale or suck hallucinogenic substances in rituals. In many writings it is associated with tobacco or yopo.


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Jimeno Álvarez

The ritual of cohoba was the important tainamas ceremony. The chieftains, nitainos ybehiques were involved in this activity, quetenia targeted consultation with the cemies ( 41 idols; about important events for the community.


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Jimeno Álvarez

cohoba - Kihibu name ( 41 s; Etymology: Spanish Sudamericana cohoba, cojoba, arawak, similar to Taino origin cohoba tobacco, cohoba: narcotic tobacco from the seeds of a tree of tropical America (Piptadenia peregrina )


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Jimeno Álvarez

cohoba - a substance obtained from Acacia hallucinogenic psychotomimetic niopo ( 41 Leguminosae family; a plant from Central America, Piptadenia peregrina, and other plants, among its components include bufotenin and DIMETHYLTRYPTAMINE, which is used in the indigenous towns


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