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Meaning of cochinet

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


In Colombia it is used to refer to dirty content web pages. Pronography websites .


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In Argentina it was a derogatory neologism (along with the other journalistic invention ñoquicet) to criticize the Conicet ("National Council of Scientific and Technical Research") . See pig , and since we are also gnochi (lunfardo ) ; by some omission see El Cochinet .


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Henry escobar marin

*cochinet*[jargon] meaning : person who is critical of {social networks , } does not empathize with the Internet example : [Maria's grandmother] does not agree with new technologies , says that , is {wasting time} Some synonyms , words or similar expressions may be internet , internetedo , interneteando , interneteador , interneteadores


What is the meaning of cochinet in the Spanish open dictionary

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