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Meaning of christa

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Female Christo. In the Hebrew language it means Anointed One, Messiah. It is used as a woman's name. It means Christian, follower of Christ or Jesus Christ. Name of female astronaut who died in the Explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Her full name was Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe and she had been a teacher. Name of several American actresses. The most relevant are Christa Brittany Allen, Christa Miller. Christa Wolf was a German-born novelist. Christa Olson is an American writer. It is also the name of several characters from the anime kingdom, among others a thoroughbred vampire, mother of Subaru, in the video game Diabolik Lovers. Christa is also a female character from The Walking Dead (Episode 3). Name of an asteroid (1015) which is also known as 1924 QF.



Christa- is an asteroid discovered by astronomer K. W . Reinmuth on January 31, 1924-


What is the meaning of christa in the Spanish open dictionary

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