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Meaning of chombo

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It is a term used to describe or define some variant of the human being, chombo term designates a group inhomogeneo of human peoples whose main characteristic and unique denominator common perhaps the dark color of his skin. Other defining characteristics such as curly hair or a larger size of the nostrils and lips. other characteristics that the majority speak English. Example: "Look that Chombo who comes there..!" OIE... "chombo where you were?" Synonyms: Black nbsp; Antonyms: White


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In the southern part of Mexico and especially in the states of Tabasco and Campeche is a way of calling the hen, that the scavenger bird of scientific name Coragyps atratratus, of the family Cathartidae. It is also known by the names of golero, zopilote, pimp, guala, jote, black vulture, samuro, nopo, sucha, urubu, zoncho, guaraguao.


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CHOMBO: Asturias, lead that it is placed in the store so that the hook, priming, immerse.


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CHOMBO, BA: Black of Antillean origin.


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Also... In tabasco, the word... Chonbo refer to the vultures scavenging animals...


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María Teresa Cruz.

In certain States of Mexico in the State of Villahermosa Tabasco, chombo Word also refers to a bird known black in the same way as tailed.


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JCRAS 2011

It is equivalent to say zambo, actual MNE panama


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