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Meaning of chita

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Chita: In Mexico, bag or backpack where the itacate is saved.


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1st_ Female form of chito . 2o_ Second (as 'you' ) and third (as 'he/she' ) people in singular present indicative mode, and second (as 'you' ) singular person of the imperative for the verb chitar . 3o_ Another name for the cheetah . 4o_ Chita (originally Cheeta) is the Spanish name for the character in films and series about Tarzan (never appeared in the Burroughs novels) played by several chimpanzees. Also the name of some DC Comics characters. 5th_ Name of multiple cities .


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Chita is incorrectly written and it should be written as Chita ( 41 own name;. being its meaning:
Chita is Colombia is proper name. Chita was the name of the chimpanzee inseparable companion of Tarzan, the King of the monkeys. The common name that is also known to chimpanzees. Cheetah or cheetah, is also the common name of a cat very fast, also known as Cheetah ( Acinonyx jubatus ). It is the fastest animal in the world. In Colombia Chita is the name of a cold municipality in the Department of Boyacá. There was formerly the name of Sierra Nevada de Chita, which subsequently became more common to call Sierra Nevada del Cocuy or Sierra Nevada de Güicán, Department of Boyaca, Colombia. In Muisca language it means " Our land ".


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