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Meaning of chacalin

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It is not a word that is used in my payments rioplatenses, but I play that it is misspelled and must be chacalín .


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It can mean child or person of small stature. Person of short stature. It is also a way of calling a variety of small shrimp or marmoset shrimp. It also means that it is achiotado or intense red. Colorado.


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Keylor Ramirez

In Costa Rica: Derogatory way to refer to a child.


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El salvador

Metro is the name given to the small shrimp that have already been cooked and placed in salt for preservalos for more time on the market.Its color is reddish-orange.


What is the meaning of chacalin in the Spanish open dictionary

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