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Meaning of catalina

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Felipe Lorenzo del Río


According to a popular song of ours of Asturian origin, we speak of the moon : The sun is called Lorenzo / and the moon Catalina. / Catalina walks at night / and Lorenzo walks in the daytime. / Fall in love Lorenzo/ of the white Catherine/ and asked him one morning / if he would marry him. / The wedding/ of Lorenzo and Catalina was very loud : / How beautiful the bride/ was with her star mantle!


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Colombia, especially in the eastern plains of Colombia is the name of a black cookie take of brown sugar and milk, than in other regions of the same 40 Colombia; Costa ) is called biscuit black and Tolima ( my land ) cuca called. Catalina is a woman's name, of Greek origin and means of pure lineage.


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CATALINA: Asteroid number 320, in the series.


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CATALINA: Nautical, metal heap, snatch block.


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