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Meaning of carnofobia

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Another phobia of debatable etymology. It's supposed to be the "fear of meat," and more specifically of eating animal meat. As commented several times in this dictionary phobias, philias and lagnias have names of Greek origin, and only in rare cases is used other languages, usually to differentiate uses (hypnophilia, somnophilia) or to make a mockery (childphobia, hypopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia) ; and this would be none of those cases. Because it is not an irony towards vegans taking "meat" from Spanish but pretends to be a real pathology from the expensive Latin, carnis ("meat of animal or fruit"), adding the Greek suffix -phobia; although one more component could also be added for 10060;carnofagophobia ("fear of eating meat"), better than 10060;carnivorophobia, because it can lend itself to confusion. And that last excuse could serve as justification for not using 10060;sarcophagophobia, because sarcophagus already has its own differentiated definition of "eating meat," and 10060;sarcophobia may be very similar to it. . . but 'creatophobia' could be used, by 954; 961; 949; 945; 962; , 954; 961; 949; 945; 964; 959; 962; ( kreas , kreatós "portion of meat" ) that would even save you the 966; 945; 947; 959; 962; ( phagos "who eats") .



carnophobia-refers to the aversion, hatred or fear that certain people present to meat, to eat meat-


What is the meaning of carnofobia in the Spanish open dictionary

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