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Meaning of carmen

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Carmen is another variant of the name Carmela. By etymology see Carmelo .


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Carmen is incorrectly written and it should be written as "Carmen ( is proper name )" being its meaning:
It is a woman's name. It is of Hebrew origin and means the vineyard of the Lord, which feeds. Variant Carmela. It is the name of an Opera, based on a novel, also called Carmen by Prosper Mérimée ( And perhaps the work of Aleksandr Pushkin 41 Roma;


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CARMEN: Municipality of Mexico in the State of Campeche.


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CARMEN: In Granada, quinta with orchard and garden.


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Carmen Conde

Latin singing.Emotional, passionate, strengthened by faith in his destino.capaces to use the environment around them.You know perfectly well where to go.Estimulantes.Seguirlas compels us to overcome us.


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