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Meaning of capo

Felipe (Uruguay) Image
Felipe (Uruguay)


Is that handles the cartel or is gorgeous in something Example: "bonnet sent five tonnes of coca to Holland" Synonyms: Magnificent nbsp; Genius


Felipe (Uruguay) Image
Felipe (Uruguay)

A genius, someone who does something very well. Example: "" Such is a capo"" Synonyms: Genius nbsp; CRAC


Felipe (Uruguay) Image
Felipe (Uruguay)

Person that does something very well or that is handled fairly in certain topic especially Example: "he is capo for Mathematics" Synonyms: Applied nbsp; Sage


Felipe (Uruguay) Image
Felipe (Uruguay)

Word used to refer to a person who is a genius, which is cunning, intelligent or that things go well for you. Example: "Look, Alan is a hood." Synonyms: Crafty nbsp; Smart


furoya Image

In lunfardo is mafia boss, important person. By extension he is someone superior, the leader in his occupation, the chief in any task even if it is not unlawful as in his original sense. It comes from the Italian capo ("head" ). See foreman, capable, capanga .


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez Image
Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It's a little captain's form. It means leader, boss, boss, head, warlord, guide. Although the term has been degenerated in general, by relating it to drug trafficking and crime, the truth is that it can and should be used in the accepted sense.


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Capo : Insect that lives in fruits.


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