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Meaning of caligueva

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CALIGÜEVA It is a common word used in Venezuela, funnily from american english origin. As the american technicians were working on the oil extraction in the hotish area of Zulia they used to say Calid wave so the natives converted to caligüeva, meaning to be down, sofocated, with no mood to work. If they themselves or seeing somebody else tired and sofocated they would say TREMENDA CALIGÜEVA QUE CARGA EL AMIGO. What a CALIGÜEVA is he carring on. Some synonyms, words or similar expressions can be sofocation, drowsy
Used in US as well Used in US as well

"Tremenda caligüeva que carga el amigo"


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It must be a mistake because of caligueva venezolanism (annoyance, laziness).


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CALIGUEVA In Venezuela: slacker, tedio, desgano, asthenia, neglect in doing things


What is the meaning of caligueva in the Spanish open dictionary

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