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Meaning of calanchin

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The correct term is calanchin, with tilde. It means accomplice, person who camouflages himself in the public to facilitate crimes of another, such as conceling, deception and scam. Henchman. Facilitator, offender support.


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Corrupt con man scammer


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Person who serves as a curtain or facade, to make others to commit illegal acts, such as betting, scams etc.


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Calanchin, very few find him a forceful meaning, the reality is that once heard a man the true meaning. Calanchin is all over that weasel, which boasts of having lived adventures with barons, in his sordid head, live stories that were just created by their endless lies and wander through life off of being a brilliant mind to rattle, to cheat and even more, all Calanchin is deserving of great fall back logo. Words more... less words; It is a small-time villain.


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