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Meaning of cajamarca



Cajamarca-refers to a northern Peruvian city, whose historical importance begins in 1532, where the Inca Atahualpa is captured and then executed by Francisco Pizarro and the Spanish conquistadors; in addition, it was the first city in Peru, where the manufacture of coins that were sent to Spain began


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Rolando Escudero Vidal

North of the Peru-Cajamarca-apartment. Derives its name from the union of the Quechua words do gaj-jaj do and do mar-ca do.???? Brand does is a noun that means do region do, instead do gaj-jaj does is an expression which means do cools does and is derived from the verb do gaj-jay which means do cool do.???????????? Their union is the expression " gaj-jaj marks " that means " region that cools ". Because of the difficulties in pronunciation " gaj-jaj " becomes " box " and do mar-ca in did brand do forming the word "34 Cajamarca;.


What is the meaning of cajamarca in the Spanish open dictionary

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