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Meaning of burguer

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BURGER (and not BURGUER) of German, citizen. In turn BURG is city, village. Hamburger is the native of Hamburg, or what is related to that city. Immigrants from Hamburg in the United States made a ground beef fillet called Hamburger steak, or steak ( ground). The first references date back to 1884. In English HAM is ham and although there is. ham versions, it's not an essential part of the recipe. The Spanish anglicism of HAMBURGER is customary to write as HAMBURGUER, but it has the same phonetics. BURGER is an apheresis of HAMBURGER and is synonymous with HAMBURGUESA, a sandwich of ground meat, compacted and cooked grilled or grilled, and sometimes also fried, which is optionally accompanied by a slice of melted cheese, vegetables such as lettuce, tomato and onion, and dressings such as mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup. Americans aren't used to eating avocado or avocado, and it's not part of the recipe. In part, it is because avocado is sweeter than the South American version, a fruit from which ice creams are made stead of burgers. The same goes for hot dog, although over time there has been some cultural change.


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Establishment specialized in burgers. Hamburger


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