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Meaning of boludo en argentina

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boludo en argentina

The ignorant guy who said that in Argentina we wrote voludo, here we write asshole, asshole


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Manuel Penichet P

It was originally used in a derogatory manner and meant to fool, fool, fool. Currently is used as a toggle with a meaning family among friends and colleagues of confidence.


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idiot in Argentina is incorrectly written, and should be written as "Boludo" being its meaning:
Originally, is a form of call to a silly, to a naïve or clueless. With the time is developed in a type of pronoun to call is between people with certain confidence without be an insult. There are many myths about the origin, and one refers to the wars against the natives, where the frontline soldiers wore a hunting weapons called " 34 boleadoras; to throw the legs of horses from the Indians. Was not the best way to stop them and hardly the soldados-gauchos survived to Spears; Why superiors entrusted that work to the most stubborn, captured deserters or simply those who wanted dead. To that advanced in men with Bola was known as " the idiots ". Then took a pejorative nature, considering that to finish being an idiot ( soldier Bola ) had to be very idiotic.


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Pedro Crespo Refoyo

idiot in Argentina is incorrectly written and should write is as " IDIOT. " being its meaning: is the most characteristic of Argentine insult term. It means silly, stupid, silly. Of poor judgment.


What is the meaning of boludo en argentina in the Spanish open dictionary

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