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(Of thelat.)(dobasis, and this of theGr. ß? s?).

1. f. basis or main support of something.

2. f. Group of people represented by an agent, representative or his spokesperson. U m. in pl.

3. f. place which concentrates personnel and equipment, for, on the basis of it, organize expeditions or campaigns.

4. f. Arq. BASA (? a column or statue).

5 f. Bioquím.base nitrogen.

6. f. Dep. In the game of baseball, each of the four corners of the field to defend players.

7. f. Geom. Side or horizontal face from which is measured the height of a figure flat or a solid.

8. f. Geom. In some figures, such as Trapeze, cylinder, etc., line or surface parallel to that which assumes that it rests.

9. f. Mat. Number on which to build a system of logarithms. Table of logarithms in base 10

10. f.

Quím. Substance that in solution increases the concentration of hydroxyl ions and combines with acids to form salts.

11. f. topographical. It straight that it is measured on the ground and which part in geodetic and topographic operations.

12. f. pl. Rules governing a lottery, a contest, an administrative procedure, etc.

13. com. Basketball player whose basic mission is to organize the team.

base air.

1. f. airport where military air forces, with the support of adequate logistic facilities, be pre

stop for the flight and combat.

base of quotation.

1. f. Der. Remuneration of workers pursuant to which the fee that has to be paid to social security is calculated.

base of data.

1. f. Inform. Set of data organized in such a way that allows to obtain various types of information quickly.

base of the skull.

1. f. lower portion of the skull, formed mainly by the

occipital and temporal bones.

base of numbering.

1. f. Mat. Number on which a numbering system is based.

base of operations.

1. f. Mil. Place where it concentrates and prepares an army.

base space.

1. f. set of ready for the launch facilities, arrival or technical assistance of rocket or spacecraft.

base taxable.

1. f. Der. Expressive quantity of a particular capability, on which the payment of taxes is calculated.

base average.

1. f. Der. Result of practicing the reductions laid down by law for each tribute on the tax base .

base Naval.

1. f. port or anchorage, cherished and defended, where naval forces, with the support of adequate logistic facilities, are prepared to navigate and combat.

base nitrogen.

1. f. Bioquím. Each of the nitrogen chemical compounds that make up nucleic acids.

base regulator.

1. f. Der. Figure, with base pay and the time of quotation, it determines the amount and duration of the beneficiaries of social security benefits.

a base de.

1. loc. prepos. Taking as a basis or major component.

a base of good.

1. loc. Advisor. Colloq. long (? with abundance). Eating with good

2. loc. Advisor. Colloq. Well, well. Run something based on good

de base.

1. loc. adj. said of a militant or affiliate: which does not occupy any managerial position.

not to get someone to first base..

start of the base of that.

1. loc. verb. Be accepted that which is expressed.

? V.

dynamite of base Active

dynamite of base inert

law of bases

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