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Meaning of barallete

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Jose Antonio


Language of understanding between components of two sectors, without being understood by anyone else. The sectors were: Sharpeners and Musicians, each with a different language.


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It is the name of a jargon used by itinerant musicians. Ourense (Nogueira de Ramuín) knife sharpeners and umbrella stands. This gibberish is a mixture of Galician, Basque, German, and other languages.


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Felipe Lorenzo del Río

Gibberish used in street trades, sharpeners and umbrella stands of the Ribeira Sacra and neighbouring areas, in their adventures by any part of Spain. The master (naceiro) and his apprentice (mutilated) used to use this speech to adjust prices, communicate any danger or make fun of a pusher. They used words of Galician, the Basque and even German. Milcos you ticen, non gaurra chegues e guchia do xibas you escorromeles! Wolves eat you, at night you won't and you desparrames to the door of the priest.


What is the meaning of barallete in the Spanish open dictionary

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