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Meaning of baqueta


Rod or stick, the Italian 40-bacchetta; baketa, " 34 Strip; ) you take it from the latin baculum, i ( " 34 cane; ). This word is named Rod used as a stick to play the drum or drums, as well as serving to clean the barrel of firearms. Another meaning is that of '' beating '' in the army is giving the soldier punished with strong elements such as the ramrod.


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

The stick is a long stick or stick with which the drum is played. Ramrod is also a metal rod used to clean the inside of the barrel of a firearm.



RAMROD: Fish with dark backs and scaly skin that abounds from the Gulf of California to the coast of Chiapas.


What is the meaning of baqueta in the Spanish open dictionary

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