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Meaning of baja

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1. f. decrease the price, value and estimate of something. Low wheat, of the tributes.

2. f. allemande.

3. f. Act which declares ceasefire in industries or professions subject to tax.

4. f. tax form for such statements.

5. f. low temporal.


(f) document attesting to the low labor.

7. d. cessation of someone in a body, profession, career, etc.

8. f. Mil. Loss or lack of an individual. The enemy army had a thousand casualties in the fighting.

9. f. Mil. Document that certifies or when has the lack of an individual.

10. f. ant. low (? the Fund in the seas, rivers and Lakes rise).

low temporary.

1. f. Which is granted to a worker for a period

time in cases of illness, accident, etc.

cause low.

1. loc. verb. Mil. be lower.

dar low something.

1. loc. verb. Losing much of its estimate.

give of low.

1. loc. verb. Mil. take note of the lack of an individual, caused by death, disease, desertion, etc.

2 loc. verb. Remove someone from the ladder or payroll of a body or society.

What is the meaning of baja in the Spanish open dictionary

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