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Meaning of axihuitl

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It is a word of Nahuatl origin that means water grass. It is a plant that is also known as the non-aging plant, apatli or water remedy. It belongs to the Asteraceae family and its scientific name is Ageratina conspicua. Formerly it had the scientific name of Eupatorium aescharbonianum. It is of very varied medicinal use.


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AXIHUITL Eupatorium aschembornianum King Rob; another name is ageratina conspicua Schauer; from Nahuatl, a, 'water' and xihuitl, 'grass'; is a perennial herbaceous herb endemic to the State of Morelos used in traditional medicine for its bactericidal attributes to treat pain, infections, gastritis, ulcers and inflammations, as well as as a healing agent. It reaches up to 3 meters in height and blooms from November to February


What is the meaning of axihuitl in the Spanish open dictionary

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