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Meaning of apotropaico

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Felipe Lorenzo del Río


Elaborating on what he already said Margarito Cázares last year, adjective of anthropology, from the Greek apotropaios-on, guardian, protector, which conjures evils of apo - climb, divert, depart, conjure up. He says the gestures, rituals, formulas, objects, amulets, expressions. . those who are among the people a magic power or quasi supernatural to keep away evil or protect any evil action. My perfectly ashore it is customary, especially among women, to say Jesus! When someone sneezes. It is an apotropaic expression.


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Margarito Cázares Guerrero

Element that eliminates or counteracts the evil caused by witchcraft. They can be objects or words


What is the meaning of apotropaico in the Spanish open dictionary

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