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Meaning of anamnesis

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In Greek it means remembrance. Health sciences use this term to designate the process of collecting information about a patient and their environment as a pre-diagnoses to establish appropriate strategies for problem solving.


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It is a process used in psychology, for the patient to remember forgotten facts.


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Does anamnesis mean interrogation?. After the clinical interview, the doctor must collect systematically data to develop a patografía of his patient. The anamnesis, part of the history, collects data such as filiation, the reason for consultation, personal and family history, etc., although some we will already have extensive news through the interview. Systematic interrogation should enable us to know the most relevant symptoms and its evolution in the biography of the patient. He is about make a diagnostic hypothesis that allows us to collect data to confirm or not do. Vallejo Ruiloba J et al., does introduction to psychopathology and Psychiatry are, Masson, Barcelona, 1999, 4th Edition, page 84??


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