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Meaning of aliados

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Jimeno Álvarez


Allies was a unit of Argentine television created and produced by Cris Morena and issued by network Telefé in Argentina and by the Fox network to the rest of latinoamerica.1 is aimed at the teen and young people. The premiere, which was planned for June 10, 2013, had to be delayed to be released June 26, 2013.2Esta fiction marked producer Cris Morena return to television after two years, when his production company closed at the end of the telenovela Casi Ángeles, because of the death of her daughter Romina Yan. The series was transmitted in 18 countries, including Israel and some in Europe. It is composed of 2 seasons, the first 23 chapters for television and 126 episodes for the Internet and the second in 17 chapters.The series encompasses social problems such as promiscuity, unwanted pregnancy, bullying, child labour, anorexia nervosa, juvenile delinquency, alcoholism, domestic violence, among others.


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