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Meaning of agria

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sour (from "agra 2", with influence "to sour") 1 ("a": "to the palate";") (from":"of flavor") adj. Taste like lemon or vinegar. Acid. It also applies to fruit which, for not being mature, has that flavor. 2. applied to "tone, humor, criticism, discussion" and expressions like, violent and aggressive. Acre. Applied to people or his character, Dour and grumpy: "Sour character". 3 abrupt: from difficult access or transit. 4. applied to punishment or suffering, cruel or hard. 5 applied to metals, fragile. 6 adj. and n. Pint. Applies to the lack of intonation or harmony colorful. 7 m. An acidic fruit juice. 8 (pl. ) Set of citrus fruits (Orange, lemon and the like). V. "bitter cane".

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