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Meaning of ñoricompa

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As Felipe Lorenzo de el Río, is the vesre a bit strange from " companion ".


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Friend of longing, of long ago, childhood, neighborhood or school mate. A friend who brings to mind past and that maybe they will not.


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Felipe Lorenzo del Río

In lunfardo, mate. I think that I have already commented once that asturleoneses many alistanos emigrated in the early 20TH century to America. I remember that some had a very funny Argentine screw. My grandfather was in Cuba. Others said that they had been in the North. One of them, ti Cyril, taught me the numbers in English. The ti Dionisio, that had State in the Pampa, remember that not was very friend of go to the Church, but was a person very friendly and funny. Commenting on sometimes the issues religious used to say: the pucha!, because killed to one, many live well!


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